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ways to minimise office spend

Ways to Minimise Office Spend

Now more than ever with the cost of living soaring, it’s important to keep a close eye on overheads. However, learning to think smarter, not harder, isn’t a new…

Five ways to come up with business ideas

5 Ways to Come up with New Business Ideas

From using your imagination when it’s at its best to seeking inspiration from your dreams, explore these creative ways to hit on an new winning business idea.  Tap into Your Imagination Famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung was…

Our hotel recommendations

Best hotels to recommend to clients

If you are a 180 Piccadilly Member, chances are you know London quite well. You might already know the best hotels to recommend to clients and colleagues, but if not, we have created a round-up of…

Out of Office: Setting Boundaries

Out of Office: Setting Boundaries

‘Tis the season for summer holidays… whether that’s a staycation to the countryside, a jaunt to a Green or Amber country, or some time in the garden, away from the daily grind. Perhaps we won’t be venturing…