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Think Big: How to create a vision board

Sometimes over the course of our working lives, our business or career may take various u-bends and detours, leaving our original plans by the wayside. Often we start off with a simple goal in mind, a way of doing business, only to find ourselves a little lost in our original vision. This is perfectly normal and actually it might just mean that we need to step back, get some perspective and realign our path.

After all, obstacles and emerging new situations is all part of the process. Even if our trajectory starts to move off-piste, there are various ways we can navigate back to where we need to be. One way to take stock and check in whether our vision has changed, or needs some fine-tuning, is to review our values – what’s important to us. Sometimes making a list of our ‘top ten’ values can not only be a helpful exercise to hone our hopes and dreams but it is also a helpful way to see if we’re living the career or business we really want.

Once you’ve defined your values, and before creating some concrete SMART objectives to work towards, there’s an in-between stage that can help you to explore wider possibilities and add clarity to the process. Namely, creating a vision board. Now, we appreciate that this might not be for everyone but bear with us because creating a vision board does at least three things. Firstly, it can be a great source of inspiration, motivation and determination, secondly, it provides focus and clarity on your vision/hopes, and thirdly, often you end up coming up with new insights and ideas though the process. It’s also a great reminder to have around.

Ultimately, a vision board is a visual exercise that can allow you to think more creatively. Plus it increases a better understanding of what you really want and how you want to get there. Kim Palmer, Founder of wellness app, Clementine, and coaching course Reboot said, “Creating a vision board will force you to make the time to sit and really think about what you want from work and life. Perhaps these dreams are whirring around your head all the time, but life often gets in the way of sitting down and focusing on them.”

She added, “Creating a vision board can really help you to feel unstuck because let’s face it, life is mostly busy full of tasks – doing, doing, doing. There is barely any time to think. That’s when life can start to pass us by and before you know it, you are putting up with things you don’t like doing.”

Materials for your Vision Board

Some card or a large piece of paper (A3 or A2)

Scissors, Sellotape, glue, pens and markers

Magazines – Opt for the ones that inspire you professionally but feel free to throw in some lifestyle ones too

Other things that inspire you such as photos, old postcards, quotes – anything that sets you on fire

Time. Carve out some time (set aside a few evenings to work on your vision board).

Things to Consider

The things you put on your board should be the end result of what you want your life to feel like. Obviously, work is a big part of that. Decide – do I want my vision board to incorporate all areas of my life including work or is this board purely to focus on the vision of my career/business?

The imagery you use will need to reflect all the steps needed to achieve this. If you want your working life to include new areas such as working overseas more or branching out into a new sector or service, what might this look like. Or maybe you want your working life to be less stressful – you might pick images that offer more spaciousness or support and if you really want to make a big change, you should find pics that represent just that.

If you prefer, you might like to create a digital vision board using Photoshop or another software program of choice.

Making it Happen

Ultimately a vision board can be the bridge between mixed feelings and a lack of focus and a clearer vision of where you need to be. It can help you to consider what you want to achieve while also pushing your desire to succeed even deeper than any other tool can. One of the central ideas behind it is to do with the law of attraction. What you think, believe and strive for is what you manifest in your reality. Your vision board will help you find clarity, stay focused and motivated about your future goals, regardless of how many new challenges throw you off.

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